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2011 NOVELTY Volta II

Volta II


Volta II presents enchanting creations, which are sure to bring luck and passion to the lady who possesses both the radiance and confidence to choose such a fanciful timepiece.


A varied offering of stylish interpretations is being introduced to the Volta II collection to suit every woman's taste. The oversized 42mm case, available in all stainless steel or 18kt rose gold, either plain or set with 1.01 carats of diamonds, captures all the exquisite details in the dial without overpowering the simple feminine aesthetic appearance of the overall design.


The Heart series features a swiveling heart-in-heart charm, set with a combination of 18 diamonds and 35 rubies, or 18 light pink sapphires and 35 rubies, or simply with just 53 diamonds. The light pink sapphire and ruby heart combination is complimented with a matching alligator strap. The Four-leaf clover series features 64 diamonds or luminescent green Tsavorite stones.