Logo BERTOLUCCI - Mediterranean inspiration, Swiss craftsmanship

DNA - "Mediterranean inspiration, Swiss craftsmanship"


The association of two strong and distinctive cultures is one of the key foundations of the Brand, unique specificity and BERTOLUCCI's signature.

When Remo Bertolucci moves to Switzerland to join his Swiss wife and in-laws' watch manufacturing business, the die is cast making BERTOLUCCI the most Italian of the Swiss watch brands.

At the heart of the fabulous BERTOLUCCI love story is the Italian Riviera, a provider of ceaseless inspiration and Switzerland, the technical expert. In Switzerland, Remo lets his Mediterranean influence shape and sharpen his inspiration while he completely embraces, integrates and continually perfects his in-laws' tradition of Quality and technological Know-How.

This union of two cultures is what gives the brand meaning and substance: Italian Creativity & Inspiration with Swiss Savoir-faire and Craftsmanship from Switzerland.