Logo BERTOLUCCI - Mediterranean inspiration, Swiss craftsmanship



Remo Bertolucci designs his first collection after the pebbles he used to play with on the beaches of his youth and indelibly anchors the brand in the marvellous territory of the Italian Riviera.

BERTOLUCCI suffuses Tuscan Riviera culture and lifestyle, a region where refinement and sensuality are all over, where we feel and breathe with creativity and elegance. And each one of its lines is a wonderful invitation to travel: the charm and the beauty of the Italian women, the soft and voluptuous shapes of pebbles, the colours and fragrances that titillate the senses, the soft silky roundness of a pebble shaped by the relentless seas, the timeless and eternal feel of the Riviera… BERTOLUCCI embodies this enchanting territory. Confluence of civilisations, source of extraordinary tales, of emblematic and evocative places, the BERTOLUCCI world naturally evokes the pleasure and joy of experiencing a timeless Riviera that fills us up with dreams.

All over the world, BERTOLUCCI is the owner of Mediterranean world and spirit in the universe of luxury watch & jewellery. It imposes a distinctive style by bringing a unique association of Italian Inspiration & Swiss Know-how into watch-making. With an unchallenged craftsmanship, BERTOLUCCI achieves its Creativity by combining the arts of watch-making & jewellery to give birth to unique range of timepieces embodying the brand's 4 “C's”: Creativity, Curves, Comfort and Construction.