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The history of BERTOLUCCI is born from a marvellous love story...

A young italian, Remo Bertolucci grows up around Pisa in maritime Tuscany. The influence of the Mediterranean seashore will feed his imagination and will become part of his unending source of inspiration. In 1965, he meets a young woman from Switzerland on vacation with her parents on the Italian Riviera. It is love at first sight. A few months later, the young Remo agrees to follow her to Switzerland and decides to join the family watch-manufacturing business located in region of Bienne. The company, established in 1911, is already a very reputable manufacturer of mechanical watches.

Remo, himself a skilled micro-mechanical engineer, discovers a passion for the world of watches. Soon the creative spirit of the young entrepreneur will awaken…

In 1973, he becomes active in the private label business. In the ensuing years, Remo will gain invaluable experience in managing complex watch development processes as well as out-sourcing for other well-known brands. Soon, his Italian sense of style and his Swiss watch-making expertise start to come together. In 1987, he decides to launch his own brand: BERTOLUCCI S.A. is born in Neuchâtel.

Remo draws inspiration from the pebbled beaches of his childhood to design his first creations, the Pulchra collection. Featuring a bracelet evoking organic pebbly shapes, he then unveils the Vir in 1994. BERTOLUCCI enters the world of high-end luxury watches to become an “overnight” success. His meteoric ascent makes him the buzz of the industry. Unfortunately in 1999, riding a wave of unmitigated success, Remo the creator, designer and business visionary suffers a terrible cycle accident, forcing the family to sell the company.

Since 2005, the Dickson Group has taken over and decides to breathe new life in BERTOLUCCI. With considerable experience in the trade and in the luxury industry in general, the Group gives to the brand new and real means to create, develop and re-affirm its dominant position in the world of luxury watches.